Dear All,

Our website, Facebook, and Twitter pages have been created and designed by Catholic University of America students not only to inspire a generation, but also to educate generations of former, current, and future Olympic athletes and spectators. We would like to be able to open up a global conversation; therefore, we hope that these platforms of social expression initiated by concerned global citizens will become a great opportunity for intellectual and passionate exchanges.

The Tragedy of the 1972 Munich Olympic Games deserves global attention and without a doubt is a part of our global Olympic historic heritage. The Munich Eleven were not only representing their own country, but above all, they were members of the Olympic family while attending the biggest global sporting event.

Please join us in passing their legacy to all who treasure Olympic values and ideals.

We still passionately believe that this is the right thing to do!


Dr. Leszek J. Sibilski and his students